Shreek Theater

Shreek Theater is DIGIDORK Creative’s horror channel that showcases and exhibits horror content writtern, directed and/or produced by Black filmmakers. We show horror shorts multiple times a month and horror features throught the year Based in Los Angeles, California but display content globally from an array of horror and thriller genres. Shreek is poised to be the premiere horror platform in the near future. With a selected group of individuals horrifically known as “THEM”, content is frequent and fearful.


Our Mission

All videos displayed on this site are for exhibition only and are not owned, controlled or copywritten by Shreek Theatre, unless specifically stated to a specific video. Our intent is to showcase material and content that fits within the thriller, suspense and horror genre from like minded creators who appreciate a nd want to share their visions within the new media and traditional cinema formats. All credit is given to those who created the material where credit was located and assigned and this site and company in no way acts as agents for any material placed upon this website. All creators are responsible for the content that is created within that particular video. If you are aware of any violations or copyright infringement within the material, please feel free to contact us immediately.

they fear us

“I always thought that I was the only African American filmmaker in horror. I am so glad to know their is a culture of filmmakers like me out there. I’m thankful for SHREEK Theater.”


“Iam grateful I was cast in & to have worked with such a dedicated and talented crew and team!!”

– Drea Hoffman

“Wow, so that just scared the Shit outta me lol!”

– Holly Wyer-Jones