NOTE: Before submitting any film to SHREEK Theatre, it should be noted that you must read all of the following terms because by making your submission you are promising that you have done so and agree with all of the specifics below. If there any questions or anything you do not understand, please feel free to ask us before sending your submission.

Any film meeting the following criteria will be considered:

  • The film must be in the genre of horror/thriller/suspense.

  • The film must not include hate speech, slanderous or libelous claims, child pornography or child endangerment or any other actionable offenses.

  • The film must be copy written.

  • The film must not infringe any rights of public or privacy, moral rights or intellectual property rights including any music related rights, be defamatory or indecent and violate any applicable laws.

  • You must have the authority to submit the film for consideration.

  • You must have obtained all the necessary rights (including music rights), consents, authorizations and licenses covering the film.

  • There must not be pending or anticipated litigation regarding the film.

  • In the event you submit the film without having the authority to do so, or without having obtained all the necessary rights, or if there is any legal issue with the film, you agree by submitting it to SHREEK Theatre that you will be entirely responsible for the consequences of the submission.

  • SHREEK Theatre respects the legal rights, including copyrights, of every creative person. We will not knowingly infringe any legitimate copyright, but films based on similar ideas and premises show up in the marketplace frequently and everyday. Your submission to SHREEK Theatre will not put SHREEK Theatre or its affiliates in any legal position that is different from any other company or member of the public (ie, if another script or film that SHREEK Theatre owns, is developing or exhibits, contains similarities to your project, SHREEK Theatre will only be responsible for that similarity if it is genuinely copyright infringement).

  • Your submission does not constitute an agreement of any kind between you and SHREEK Theatre , or any promise on the part of SHREEK Theatre to do anything whatsoever other than the agreed upon exhibition of the film on­